Marine Bilge Oily Water Separator

Marine Bilge Oily Water Separator

This device can be used to treat ship engine room bilge oily water to meet the requirements of IMO MEPC.107(49) resolution. Includes type-approved 15ppm bilge water separator and 15ppm bilge water alarm device and automatic shut-off device.

The ship's bilge water enters the first-stage separator due to the suction of the plunger pump, and the interior is in a vacuum and negative pressure state, which avoids the problem that the previous pressure state caused the oily bilge water to be agitated and emulsified, making it difficult to separate. The discharge fluid from the plunger pump undergoes adsorption and filtration treatment by the secondary fiber filter, and then enters the third-stage ultrafiltration to ensure that the oil content in the discharge fluid does not exceed the standard.

The oil concentration meter (i.e. 15ppm bilge water alarm device) is used to measure the oil concentration of the discharge liquid. If the oil concentration of the measured discharge liquid is found to exceed the standard, it will automatically shift to the third-level treatment.

If the oil concentration of the discharge fluid exceeds the standard and the oil concentration meter alarms, the pneumatic valve for discharging unqualified water will be opened, allowing the unqualified water to be discharged to the bilge instead of outboard.

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