Air Compressors

Air Compressors play a crucial role part in various systems within a vessel. They generate compressed air, which can be utilized for a wide range of applications on board. For example, we use compressed air for starting and stopping diesel engines, operating pneumatic control systems, and also for the operation of a wide range of pneumatic tools. Compressors are also essential for providing compressed air to safety equipment such as life vests, life rafts, and breathing apparatus in case of an emergency.

We Supply the original spare parts  Marine Air Compressor, including: Pistons, piston ring  connecting rods, cylinder liner, piston, connecting rod, spindles, suction / discharge valves, springs, cooler, safety valve, crankshaft , main bearing,auto drain ,attached lub oil pump ,filter , glycerin tables, thermometers, electromagnetic valve, and so on .

Air Compressor Manufacturers & Types

H63, H54, H64, H264, H73, H273, H373, H74, H274, H374,HC65A, HC264A, HC265, HC275A, HC277A, LHC22,LHC33, LHC54A/B, LHC265A/B, LSHC-20A, LSHC-30A, LSHC-40A, LSHC-50A, LS430, LS460, VLH-43, VLH-53, VLHH-94A,  VLHH-64A , VLHH-114,


LEP, LT-75 30EUNP, LE-150-10-UV, XAS 27, XAS 97

SC7N   SC10N   SC15N   SC20N  SC25N  SC30N SC40N  SC50N

LL2/77, LL2/90, LL2/105, LL2/120, LL2/140, LL2/160, HLH/119, HLF2/77, HL2/90, HL2/105, HL2/120, HL2/140, HL2/160, HV1/85, HV1/120, HV1/140, HV1/156, HV2/200, HV2/210, HV2/219, HV2/220, HV2/240, HV2/270, HV2/285, HV2/300, XW060, XW090, XW120, XW150, XW180, XW200, XW250, XA045, XA060, XA090, XA120, XA150, XA200, etc

WP60   WP110  WP135   WP220   WP270   WP120L   WP225L   WP250L   WP270

Hamworthy / Hatlapa:
W110   W140   W220  W280   W420
2SF3, 2SF4, 2SF42, 2SF43, 2TF5, 2TF54, 2TM6, 2TM61, 2TM63, 2TM68, 2MF6, 2MF64, V105, V150, V200, V250, V375, etc

2TF5   2TF54

JP Sauer & Sohn:
WP13, WP15, WP18, WP22, WP25, WP32, WP33, WP40, WP45, WP50, WP60, WP65, WP100, WP200, WP240, WP400, WP15L, WP22L, WP121L, WP151L, WP271L, WP311L, etc

SCK15, SCK22, SCK26, SCK31, SCK41, SCK42, SCK51, SCK52, SCK76, etc

BELT MA 12, MA 17, MA 24, MA 33, MA 41, MA 51, MA 62


MS64, MS70, MS75A, MS85, MS92A, MH 108, MH111, MH114, MH120, MH130A


TMC7-8,TMC7-10,TMC10-8,TMC10-10,TMC15-8,TMC19-8,TMC19-10,TMC22-8,TMC22-10,TMC27-8,TMC27-10,EMH35-8,EMH35-10,EMH35-13,EMH44-8,EMH44-10,EMH44-13,TMC54-8,TMC54-10,TMC54-13,TMC65-8,TMC65-10,TMC65-13,TMC85-8,TMC85-10,TMC85-13, TMC105-8,EWA/EWNA,TMC105-10EWA/EWNA,TMC105-13EWA/EWNA,TMC125-8 EWA/EWNA,TMC125-10EWA/EWNA,TMC125-13EWA/EWNA,TMC150-8,EWA/EWNA,TMC150-10EWA/EWNA,TMC150-13EWA/EWNA,TMC185-8,EWA/EWNA,TMC185-10EWA/EWNA,TMC185-13EWA/EWNA,TMC235-8.EWA/EWNA,TMC235-10EWA/EWNA,TMC235-13EWA/EWNA,TMC240-8,EWA/EWNA,TMC240-10EWA/EWNA,TMC240-13EWA/EWNA, TMC290-8,EWA/EWNA,TMC290-10EWA/EWNA,TMC290-13EWA/EWNA,TMC365-8,EWA/EWNA,TMC365-10EWA/EWNA,TMC365-13EWA/EWNA,TMC21SA-7,5,TMC21SA-10,TMC21SA-13,TMC30SA-7,5,TMC30SA-10,TMC30SA-13,TMC40SA-7,5,TMC40SA-10,TMC40SA-13,

The function of filters
In addition to water, compressed air also contains oil, dust and various odor components. Equipment that uses physical methods to filter and remove these compressed air pollutants is called a filter.
a. Dust particle size in filtered gas:
The maximum diameter of solid particles that can pass through the filter under specified experimental conditions, expressed in um (microns);
b. Oil content of filtered gas:
The mass of oil (including oil droplets, suspended particles, and oil vapor) contained in a unit volume of compressed air, converted to a value under standard atmospheric conditions of 1 bar absolute pressure, 20°C temperature, and 65% relative humidity. The residual oil content of compressed air after filtering is expressed in ppm, 1ppm≈1.2 mg/m3 (mg/cubic);
Filter selection
Optional filters must be added step by step in the order of filtration precision levels. You cannot skip the previous filter levels and directly select the subsequent filter levels. For example: P level (front filter) must be installed first before A level (post filter) can be installed. ), then F level (fine filter), AC level (deodorizing activated carbon

Dryers are divided into several types: freezing type, adsorption type (also called heatless regeneration type), micro-heating type and combined type; the most commonly used is freeze dryer.

Function of freeze dryer:
Because compressed air contains 100% relative humidity moisture, as it cools in the pipeline, the moisture will precipitate, thus bringing many disadvantages to the gas equipment. The refrigeration dryer is a drying equipment that uses refrigeration technology to forcibly cool the compressed air to the required dew point temperature (2-10°C), thereby condensing the water vapor contained in it into droplets, which are discharged from the machine through a drainer.
Selection of freeze dryer specifications:
The optional processing capacity is close to the volumetric flow rate of the air compressor, and the working pressure is equivalent to the working pressure of the air compressor.
In some industries (times) that have high requirements for compressed air quality, it is not suitable to choose a refrigerated dryer, and an adsorption dryer or a combined dryer must b