Marine Sewage Treatment Plant

SWCB series marine domestic sewage treatment equipment (biochemical method) is used to treat fecal sewage from toilets and sewers on ships to meet international discharge standards and discharge it overboard. This series of treatment devices can also be used for disinfection of gray water on board ships (referring to ship's kitchen washing water, bathroom bathing water, toilet water and washing machine discharge water, etc.).

2. Principle overview:

SWCB series biochemical marine sewage treatment device (marine sewage treatment system) uses biological contact oxidation method and physical and chemical treatment and disinfection principles to treat ship domestic sewage. 3. The processing device:

It consists of five cabinet rooms: aeration cabinet, contact oxidation cabinet, sedimentation cabinet, and disinfection cabinet. In the aeration cabinet, the activated sludge bacterial gel mainly composed of aerobic bacteria forms cotton-like sticky flocs to absorb organic matter, and turns into harmless carbon dioxide and water under oxygenated conditions. At the same time, activated sludge The sludge is propagated; soft filler is hung in the contact oxidation cabinet to act as a biofilm, and organic matter is further digested; the activated sludge sediment accumulated in the sedimentation cabinet is returned to the aeration cabinet for bacterial breeding and reprocessing ; The sewage treated by sedimentation finally enters the disinfection cabinet and is sterilized with chlorine-containing chemicals, and then is discharged overboard by the discharge pump.

4. This series of devices provides CCS type approval certificate, China Classification Society CCS ship inspection certificate, etc.