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Marine Capstan
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winocean is leading Marine Capstan manufacturer in china , We can make Capstan Anchor Winch , Electric Capstan ,Hydraulic Capstan ,Vertical Capstan ,Horizontal Capstan ,Mooring Capstan ,Mooring Capstan ,Warping Capstan ,Ship Capstan ,Anchor Capstan...

  • Certificate:: ABS , BV , CCS , DNV , GL , LR , KR , NK , RINA , RS
  • Type:: Hydraulic,Electric ,

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Marine Winch

As an important mooring equipment, mooring winch is used during mooring or loading and unloading operations to hold or keep a ship in position on dock without drifting; at the meantime, it can adjust and compensate for the deviation caused by vibration with constant tension, which plays a very important role in ship mooring and allows the operators to position and secures the ship carefully when it comes into port and reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.A capstan is a type of device commonly used on ship deck or on the shore to tighten or loosen ropes or cables during anchoring and mooring a ship. There are generally mooring capstans, anchor capstans, electric capstans, hydraulic capstans, vertical capstans, horizontal capstans etc. Unlike modern winches, which have cable or rope mounted on a drum, the capstan winch does not hold the entire length of rope or cable but instead acts as an intermediary between one end of the rope or cable and the other, the drum just winds the rope or cable but not store it. Its pull and load are generally in the range of 0.5t – 25T.

The main parts of capstans include clutch control knob, drum cover, drum, brake band, windlass brake handle, wildcat, drum controller handle, electric motor, reducer, etc.

We can make Capstan Anchor Winch ,Electric Capstan ,Hydraulic Capstan ,Vertical Capstan ,Horizontal Capstan ,Mooring Capstan ,Mooring Capstan ,Warping Capstan ,Ship Capstan ,Anchor Capstan .

Type Warping load (KN) Warping speed(m/min) Wire Dia(mm) Motor power (kw)
Electric Hydraulic
WO-D(Y)J5 5 ≥18 φ11 3/1.2 5.5
WO-D(Y)J10 10 ≥18 φ11 4.3/1.7 7.5
WO-D(Y)J20 20 ≥18 φ15 7.5/7.5/5 15
WO-D(Y)J30 30 ≥18 φ17.5 16/16/11 18.5
WO-D(Y)J40 40 ≥18 φ20.5 16/16/11 18.5
WO-D(Y)J50 50 ≥18 φ20.5 22/22/16 30
WO-D(Y)J70 70 ≥15 φ26 30/30/22 45
WO-D(Y)J100 100 ≥15 φ28 45/45/30 55
WO-D(Y)J120 120 ≥15 φ32.5 60/60/45 75
WO-D(Y)J150 150 ≥15 φ36.5 60/60/45 90
WO-D(Y)J200 200 ≥15 φ40 75/75/36 110
WO-D(Y)J250 250 ≥12 φ46 75/75/36 110

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