Winocean Marine Store Spare Supplier

Code-19 Clothing
Cotton Working Gloves,
Leather Palm Working Gloves,
Non-Slip Dotted Gloves,
Winter Gloves,
Natural Rubber Gloves & Oil/Acid Gloves,
Safety Work Shoes,
Rain Suits with Hood,
Parka Jackets,

Code-21 Rope & Hawsers
Wire Ropes,
P.P. Ropes,
Manila Ropes,
Nylon Ropes,
Wire Rope slings,
Fairlead Mandal Shackles,
Tiger Rope,
Signal Halyards,
Tarred Marline,
Sail Twine,

Code-23 Rigging Euipment & General Deck Items
Cargo Blocks,
Malleable Iron Block, single sheave, double sheave,
Internal Bound Wood Blocks, single, double, triple sheaves,
External Bound Wood Blocks,
Lashing Snatch Blocks, S.W.L,
Sponge Rubber, EPDM,
Pilot Ladders,
Wooden Step, Preventer, Rubber Step, Split Distance Piece,
Rope Ladders,
Herringbone Ladder,
Polypropylene Rope Cargo Net Slings,
Wire Rope Cargo Net Slings,
Gangway Safety Nets, Polypropylene,
Nylon Slings,
Tarpaulin, White Cotton Canvas, Waterproof Cotton Canvas,
Grommets, Grommet Dies,
Rat Guards,
Used Tyres,
Rubber Blocks of Used Tyres for Fishing,
Hatch Cover Tape,
Scupper Plugs,
Oil Absorbent Sheets, Rolls, Boom, Pillow,
Transparent Acrylic Sheets,
Roll Paper Wiping Rags,
Dry Walnut Shell for Turbo Charger Cleaner,

Code-33 Safety Equipment
Life Jackets, Lifebuoys,
Life Jacket Lights, Lifebuoy Lights, Seawater Reactived,
Retro-Reflective tapes, SOLAS,
Immersion Suits,
Lifeboat Compasses with Cover,
Drinking Water,
Photoluminescent IMO Symbols & Safety Signs,
Pipe Identification Tape,
Emergency Escape Breathing Devices,
Gas Leak Detectors, Combustible Gas,
Gas Leak Detector, Refrigerant Gas,
Metal Detector,
Tube Type Gas Detectors, Draeger,
Electric Safety Lamps,
Fire Hoses,
All Purpose Nozzles,
3 Position Fog Nozzles,
All Types of Hose Couplings, Fire Axes,
Fire Blankets and Sterile, Burn Dressings,
Chemical Protection Suits,
Safety Belts & Hooks,
Safety Harness,
Dust Protecting Masks,
Dust Mask Disposable,
Plastic Chipping Goggles,
Ear Muffs, Ear Plugs, Safety Helmets,
Antislip Tapes,

Code-35 Hose & Couplings
Rubber Air Hose,
Welding Hoses,
Corrugated Rubber Hose,
PVC Hose,
Lock Type Air Hose Couplings,
Cast Bronze Air Hose Couplings,
Quick-Connect Couplers for All Purposes,
SH Series Socket, PH Series Plug, SM Series Socket, PM Series Plug,
SF Series Socket, PF Series Plug, S Series Socket, P Series Plug,
Line Couplers, Branch Piping Couplers For Air, 200T, 200S, 200L,

Code-37 Nautical Equipment
Signal Bells,
Signal Gong,
Fog Horn
Handheld Marine Radios,
VHF Radio telephone Apparatus,
Radio Room Clocks,
Marine Clocks,
Quartz Chronometers
Stop Watches, analogue, digital,
Digital Planimeters,
Automatic Chart Plotters,
Marine Aneroid Barometers,
Wet & Dry Bulb Hygrometers,
Dial Thermo-Hygrometers
Hair Hygrometers, Lambreht's Polymeters
Hand Anemometers,
Sound Leads,
Sounding Rods
Azimuth Circles,
Nautical Sextants,
Night version Binoculars,
Navigation Lights,
Navigation Lamps,
Flashing Lights,
Marine Searchlights,
Day Signals,
Marine Forms, Log Books,
Parallel Rules,
Nautical Triangles, inoue type, kent type
Chart Dividers,
Chart Room Compasses,
Chart Weights,
Magnifying Glasses,
Chart Brushes,
Illuminated Magnifiers,
Merchant Flags, National Flags,
International Code of Signals,
Flag Hooks, Flag Blocks,
Megnetic Compasses,

Code-45 Petroleum Products
Molykote Products,
Anti-Seize Compounds,
CRC Products,
Loctite Products
Multi-Purpose Lubricants,

Code-49 Hardware
Mortise Locks & Latches,
Door Lever Handles & Knobs,
Brass Cabinet Rings,
Master Key System Padlocks,
Door closers,
Silent Door Hooks, Door Holders With Cushion, Door Catches,
Plug & Chain Waste, Pop-up Waste, with S-trap,

Code-51 Brushes & Mats
Flat Paint Brushes,
Angle Radiator Brushes, Dog Leg Brushes,
Paint Rollers,
Mini Paint Rollers,
Aluminium Extension Poles,
Nylon Deck Brushes,
Hand Wire Brushes,
Condenser Tube Brushes, Steel, Brass, Nylon,
Wire Cup Brushes, Standard, Knot Type,
Bath Mats, Bath & Shower Safety Mats, Checkmats, Coir Door Mats,
Corrugated Rubber Matting,
PVC Plastic Flooring,

Code-59 Pneumatic & Electrical Tools
Pneumatic Impact Wrenches,
Pneumatic Angle Grinders,
Pneumatic Die Grinders,
Pneumatic Straight Grinders,
Pneumatic Hand Drills,
Pneumatic Chipping Hammers,
Pneumatic scaling Hammers,
Pneumatic Deck Scalers KC-100,
Pneumatic Jet Chisels JEX-24, JEX-28, JT-20,
Pneumatic Hand Scalers,
Tank Cleaning Machines,
Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaners,
Air Line Filters, Air Line Lubricators, Air Line Pressure Regulators,
Air Line F.R.L. Combinations,
Cordless Drill Drivers,
Portable Electric Drills,
Electric Angle Grinders,
Electric Straight Grinders,
Electric Die Grinders,
Electric Shears,
Electric Planers,
Electric Circular Saws
Electric Rod Cutters,
Electric Jig Saws,
Electric Blowers,
Electric Scaling Machines,
Pneumatic Scaling Machines,
Electric Portable Ventilation Fans, Ventilation Tubes,
Portable Ventilation Fans, Explosion Proof,
Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps,
Pneumatic Sump Pumps,
Pneumatic Drum Pumps,
Pneumatic Piston Pumps,

Code-61 Hand Tools
Adjustable Wrenches,
Gasket And Washer Cutters,
Packing Hook Set,
Packing Hooks,
Ball Pein Hammers,
Blacksmiths' Sledge Hammers,
Smooth & Cross Pein Hammers,
Testing Hammers,
Bell Face-Hand Hammers,
Chipping Hammers,
Combination Hammers,
Punching Tool Sets,
Chisel & Punch Sets,
Stencils, Stencil Letter and Figure Sets,
Double End Angle Scrapers,
Deck Scrapers with Long Handle,
Hacksaw Blades, H.S.S., Carton Steel,
Rotary Hand Pumps, Liquid Siphon Pump,
Plastic Hand Pumps, Plastic Hand Pumps For Drum,
Wing Pump, Hand Operated,
Hooks and Clamps,
Drum Hooks For 2 Drums,
Hose Bands,
Banding Clamps & Tools,
Straub Couplings, Grip Type, Flex Type,
Grinding & Lapping Compound, Valve Compounds,
Resinoid Offset Grinding Wheels,
Flange Jacks,
Hand Riveter Kits,
Compact Gas Torches,
Leak Detectors "Super Color Check",
Grease Nipples for Hydraulic Fittings,
A straight, B 67.5O, C 90O, straight, Pin type, Buotton head,
Flexible Extension Hose, pin type, button head type, hydraulic or straight type,

Code-63 Cutting Tools
Straight Shank Twist Drills, High Speed Steel,
Straight Shank Twist Drill Set, High Speed Steel,
Screw Plate Sets, Stocks & Dies OK41, OK45, OK47, OK100,
Thread Restorers,
Valve Seat Cutters,
Rolling Center,

Code-65 Measuring Tools
Outside Calipers,
Spring Outside Calipers,
Inside Calipers,
Spring Inside Calipers,
Steel Compasses,
Spring Dividers,
Outside Micrometers,
Outside Micrometers with Counter,
Outside Micrometers with Interchangeable Anvils,
Tubular Type Inside Micrometers,
Jointed Inside Micrometers,
Internal Groove Micrometers,
Depth Micrometers,
Vernier Calipers,
Digital Calipers,
Vernier Depth Gauges,
Thickness Gauge,
Screw Pitch Gauges, Thread Gauges,
Screw Cutting Gauges, Center Gauges, Wire Gauges,
Precision Balance Scales,
Spring Balance Scales,
Tubular Spring Balances Hand Held Type,
Dial Spring Balances Hook Type,
Convex Rules, Tape Rules,
Oil Gauging Tapes, Steel Dipping Tapes,
Water Finding Paste,
Gasoline And Oil Finding Paste,
Combination Square Sets,
Hand Tachometers,
Hand Tachometers, Digital Type,
Electronic Stethoscopes,
Sound Scopes, binaural receiver type,
Seawater Hydrometers,
A.P.I Hydrometers for petroleum,
Hydrometers for light oil,
Sampling Bottles, Samplers,
Salinometer Pots,
PH Test Paper,
Compact PH Meters,
Digital PH Meters,
Standard Dial Gauges, Dial Indicators,
Cylinder Gauges,
Dial Gauge Stands,
Dial Gauge Stands Magnetic Base,
Pressure Gauges, bourdon tube type,
Ammonia Compound Gauges,
Refrigerant Compound Gauges,
Glycerine Filled Pressure Gauges Vibration-Resistant,
Pressure Calibrators,
Flow Meters,
Cabin Thermometers,
Maximum-Minimum Thermometers,
Seawater Thermometers copper cased,
Thermometers for Refrigerator Use,
Meat Thermometers,
Meat Thermometers digital type,
Test Thermometers in brass case,
Spare Glass Thermometers,
Pocket Test Thermometers,
Pocket Bimetal Dial Thermometers,
Tank Thermometers in Brass base With Sampler,
Digital Thermometers,
Infrared Thermometers,
Industrial Thermometers in Metal Protection with Thread Connection Case,
Sika Industrial Thermometers, 271B, 291B, 174B, 272B, 292B, 175B,
Exhaust Gas Thermometer,
Temperature Calibrators, 650C,
Dial Thermometer for Remote Reading,
Dial Thermometer of Stem type for Ship's Engine Use,
Engine Peak Indicators,
Sigma Meters,
Crankshaft Distortion Dial Gauges,
Inspection Mirror,
Ultrasonic Thickness Indicators,
Sound Level Meter,

Code-69 Screws & Nuts
Eye Bolts
Dog Bolts,
Wing Bolts,
Wing Nuts,
Eye Nuts,

Code-71 Pipes & Tubes
Stainless Steel Pipes,
Copper Pipe,

Code-73 Pipe & Tube Fittings
Rubber Expansion Joints,

Code-75 Valves & Cocks
Globe & Angle Valves,
Pressure Gauge Valves,
Ball Valves,
Flow Indicators,
Oil Flowmeters,
Pressure Controls,

Code-77 Bearings
Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings,
Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings,
Double Row Self-Aligning Ball Bearings,
Cylindrical Roller Bearings,

Code-79 Electrical Equipment
Navigation Lamps,
Pilot Lamps,
Telephone Switch Board Lamps,
Reflector Lamps,
High Pressure Sodium Lamps,
Tungsten Halogen Lamps
Florescent Lamps,
Cargo Light, Single bulb, Five Bulbs,
Marine Pendant Lights,
Marine Watertight Type Wall Lights,
Chart Table Lights,
Watertight Type Passage Lights,
Watertight Hand Lamps,
Explosion Proof Portable Hand Lamps,
Industrial Flashlights,
Dry Batteries,
Lantern Batteries,
Battery Hydrometers,
Watertight Plug & Receptacles,
Marine water tight junction boxes,
Bakelite Solid Bars,
Bakelite Sheets,
Insulation Papers,
PVC Insulation Tapes,
Transistor Powered Megaphones,
Clamp Meters,
AVO Meters,
Insulation Testers,
Battery Terminal

Code-81 Packing & Jointing
PTFE Ramie Packing for Rotating and Reciprocating Shafts,
Universal Carbonized Fiber Packing for Rotating & Reciprocating Shafts,
PTFE Fiber Packing for Rotating and Reciprocating Shafts,
Non-Asbestos Aramid Fiber Packing,
Special Aramid Fiber Packing for Fresh Water, Seawater, Oil and Valves,
Special PTFE Fiber Super Packing for Chemical Pumps,
Non-Asbestos Graphite Sheet Gaskets,
Metal Foil Inserted Graphite Sheets,
Non-Asbestos Gasket Joint Sheets,
Cortex Joint Sheets,
Natural Rubber Joint Sheets,
Synthetic Rubber Joint Sheets,
Cotton Insertion Rubber Joint Sheets,
Canvas Inserted Rubber Joint Sheets,
Felt Sheet Packing,
Expanded Graphite Jointing Novaphit SSTC,
Non-Asbestos Manhole Packing,
Ceramic Cloths,
Ceramic Yarn,
Ceramic Rope,
Ceramic Ribbons,
Ceramic Fiber Blanket Sheet,
Glass Fibre Spinning & Textile,
Glass Tapes,
Glass Dust Packing,
Glass Wool Mats,
Devcon Products,
Water Activated Tapes for Pipe Repair,
Anti-Corrosive Tapes,
Teflon Seal Tapes,
Teflon Rounds,
Teflon Sheets,
Teflon Cords,
Silicone Sealant,
Sealing Agents, Permatex Form-a-Gasket,
O-Ring Kits,
Copper Ring Kits,
Air Filters,
Copper Wool Filters,
Reflex Flat Gauge Glasses,
Plain Flat Gauge Glasses,
Gauge Glass Mica & Packing,
Round Gauge Glasses,

Code-85 Welding Equipment
Oxygen & Acetylene Regulators,
Nozzle Cleaners,
Welder's Gas Lighters,
Rubber Oxygen Hose,
Rubber Acetylene Hose,
Rubber Twin Welding Hose,
Automatic Reverse-Flow Prevention Couplings:
AS-1, AP-1, AS-2, AP-2, GS-1, AP-1, GS-2, AP-2, OP-1, OP-2
Welder's Gloves,

Code-87 Marine Diesel Engine Spares
                 AKASAKA, MAK, HANSHIN, OTHER
Cylinder Liner
Cylinder Head
Piston Ring
Bearing Shell
Connecting Rod
Valve Sprindle,Valve Seat & Valve Guide
Spindle Guide Complete & Nozzle
Plunger & Barrel Complete
Valve Cage
Rocker Seat

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