JIS F7329 40K Marine Forged Steel Globe Valve

JIS F7329 40K Marine Forged Steel Globe Valve

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winocean is leading JIS F7329 40K Marine Forged Steel Globe Valve manufacturer,IMPA750661 ,IMPA750662 ,IMPA750663 Various series of marine copper alloy, cast iron globe valve, globe check valve, check valve, gate valve, cock valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, fire valve, pressure gauge valve, manual and pneumatic quick-closing valve,...

  • Material : CAST IRON
  • Standards: JIS/DIN
  • Size: 5K/10K/16K

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JIS F7329 40K Marine Forged Steel Globe Valve

IMPA750661 ,IMPA750662 ,IMPA750663

Technical Data:

Standard Nominal Pressure Nominal Diameter Applicable Medium
JIS F7329 40K 15~25 Steam,Air&Gas,Oil&Flow.Lenitic Water

Material of Main Parts:
Item Parts Name Material Code
1 Body Cast Steel SC230~450
2 Disc Bronze/Stainless Steel BC6/SS304/SS420
3 Stem Brass/Stainless Steel H62/SS304/SS410
4 Bonnet Cast Steel SC230~450
5 Handwheel Cast Iron FC200

Main Data:
Size IMPA CODE L D H Do Weight kgs
40K15 750661 115 205 100 5.20
40K20 750662 120 230 125 6.80
40K25 750663 130 255 140 8.90

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